Hello my dears and darlings. The thought occurred to me recently that it may be interesting to revisit some of my older art; to remake them now to see how time, study, and practice have changed (and, fingers crossed, improved) my work. So, after taking a vote on Facebook (and yes Facebook is the interweb locale where I am on most frequently as Reddit confuses me and Twitter is the root of all evil) you, my wonderful fans chose two of my illustrations from bygone era of 2009 for me to remake now. Lo, and behold here is the first! The 2009 original is one of the very few pieces of mine where I used a one-to-one photo reference as it is a portrait of a friend, and as such was named after her. The 2015 version was not based off of any specific person and only used minimal photo references. (Which also means that she as yet doesn’t have a title. If you want to give her one speak up in the comments.) I can see some pros and cons in each version but I’d much rather hear what all of you think. Which is better? What do you like or not like about each version?

And, yes, there will be a part 2 where I’ll remake another older artwork. Exactly which older work though I won’t say until she’s finished. 😉

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