Hello my dears and darlings. Sorry for the long silence but I have been hard at work on more projects than I care to count. One of which was this illustration. You may have already seen this if you follow my work on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram, but I’d like to show you the entire process behind the making of this one.

First of course was the pencil illustration itself. This was done on Stonehenge paper and mostly with standard HB pencils, but a few softer leads – B5 and 6 – and an ebony pencil were used for the deeper shadows.

13235479_1075046412586790_5724634355271696503_o 13247696_1074204616004303_5665111296925359503_o 13268282_1074673195957445_5429640937660665159_o 13308654_1075446992546732_1752342358101219622_o 13320364_1076220065802758_4460308111512980872_o 13320457_1076685802422851_3550121188309578302_o 13320515_1075352595889505_7224663657724062578_o 13320545_1079267722164659_8119585093936744429_o 13323355_1076697209088377_6810329831662963289_o 13350307_1078389558919142_6062295817280917689_o

Here’s the finished pencils with a couple close up details.




After that I scanned the whole thing (my illustrations tend to be on the large side so I have to scan them in pieces and reassemble them) and began the digital coloring process. I got about a third of the way through coloring it before stopping, discarding it all, and starting over from scratch. As you can see from these the original color palate which I chose wasn’t working at all.

13394012_1082830948475003_5396640229130627214_n 13413008_1084125418345556_9080828431390480484_n

I then began again with a much warmer desert themed palate, which you see here.

13394015_1085924898165608_3418373727297813311_n 13419000_1086382014786563_7354198517598178432_n 13434869_1085623831529048_5809875415020131348_n

The whole process took about two to three weeks divided equally between the physical and digital portions of the work.

13428633_1087435718014526_7178073190976024842_n Mother Dragon - illustration process

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