PSG1 cover - TGPassage book 1: The World Called Mother

(Graphic novel; OUT OF PRINT)


231 pages, black and white.

“You could spend the rest of your life in slow and solemn contemplation, weighing each variable, searching desperately for some sense of logic, the faintest semblance of simple balanced reason and still come to no avail. No known method can find the solution nor madness force the pieces to fit, only improbability veiling the ever-present absurdity. But no matter how much of your life you give over to this insolvable equation in the end amidst the myriad inconsistencies and impossibilities you will find an underlying truth. No fact, if indeed such concepts as ‘fact’ still hold meaning here, will molest your sense of reality and reason more but know everything which you will hear happened.”

Revolution often can only come at the point of a sword but on the world called Mother it comes by talon and claw. T’eek, a young girl from a race of giant insect-like aliens is born into a civilization on the cusp of a violent and profound social change; a conflict between the hereditary social order and a new uprising religion.

Civilizations will burn and birth more from their smoldering ashes. Cultures will forever change. Families will shatter.

All in the name of the future. All because of a prophet named Shankara.

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