Hello my dears and darlings. Please forgive my prolonged silence once again as I have been busy with many projects. Not least of which is what I have ...

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Upcoming Comic and Art Events

Psg page preview 1

I’ve stopped counting the number of projects I have going right now. The only way I’ve managed to keep them all together and make headway ...

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Passage 2nd edition progress

April Cons

It’s convention season, my dears and darlings! You’ll have two opportunities to see me in April. First at Wizard World Maddison April 8 &#...

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Convention Season!


It’s C2E2 time again, my dears and darlings! Alas, Tiamat’s Garden won’t be making an appearance there this year but the Artist Alle...

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C2E2 time!

PSG1ED2 Cover small

Sorry for the scarcity of art posts of late my dears and darlings. Amidst the plethora of projects keeping me busy is getting a second edition of this...

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Keeping the Passage open.