It’s C2E2 time again, my dears and darlings! Alas, Tiamat’s Garden won’t be making an appearance there this year but the Artist Alley is packed with many amazingly talented artists, comickists, and writers. Many of whom I’m fortunate enough to call friends. If you’re going to the show here are some that you should definitely check out just to name a few:

Adam Hicks – L3
The Wet Stain: Inky Illustrations by Ali Cantarella – C3
Angel Onofre – B7
Brian C. Roll, Odyssey Art – F4
Bryan J. L. Glass – U16B
Carlations – F11
Eddie Yeung – C16
Joshua Gilley – C15
Justin Castaneda – Q6, V6
Michael Manomivibul Illustration – B16
Sol Comics – B8
Brian Babendererde – C6
Sara Richard – R13
Leo Perez (Sunday only) – E7

(Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone. Add yourself in the comments if I did.)

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