Yes, my dears and darlings, as mentioned before I have put together a small-scale Kickstarter for a series of limited edition fine art prints of Bastet the Lioness and The Garden of Medusa.

As mentioned before The Garden of Medusa was originally illustrated by the wonderfully talented Rebecca O’Donnell. As an artist Rebecca has been an enormous influence on my work and it was an honor to digitally color one of her beautiful Medusa illustrations, which she has done an entire series of. What captivated Rebecca most about Medusa was not her typical portrayal as a hideous monster only existing to be slain by the inevitable hero, as the Gorgons are usually shown, but rather the tragic beauty of her story; being captivated rather by the late classical poets who saw her as a once beautiful woman transformed and punished by a wrathful Athena to this terrible fate.

Coupled with this portrayal of Medusa I chose to make an illustration of Bastet. I depicted her not as the more common later portrayal with the head of a domesticated cat but rather in the much more ancient style with the head of a lioness. Unlike many Gods and Goddesses of the arcane pantheons with their monolithic personalities Bastet had a uniquely complex nature. She was seen as a domestic Goddess, protector of the home, in particular pregnant women, and was a gentle and loving deity. On the other had she was also a fierce and terrible warrior with pharaohs describing the carnage of a battle’s aftermath resembling the slaughtered victims of Bastet.

This nuanced nature, the mingling of the terrible ferocity and gentility is what compelled Rebecca and I about both of these powerful mythic women.


Bastet ©Medusa 17x11 ©

The prints are on a high grade lightly textured fine art paper (310g, acid free, archival quality) and are being made by ImPhotoGraphics. Each print is individually numbered (the exact size of the print run will depend on the number of backers, 24 being the smallest and 100 at most).

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