Born in the shadowy foothills of Mount Doom in west suburban Mordor Mat realized early in life that the swiftest way to realize his dreams of fame and fortune was, of course, to become an artist. Success in this plan came swiftly yet in time he grew bored of the opulent lifestyle and as such set out on a more daring path. An adventurer by trade Mat now uses the wealth allotted by his comics and art to fund expeditions to find the entrance to the hidden Hollow Earth, collect artifacts from the ancient Lemurian Empire, and capture the rare and illusive Himalayan Mountain Shark.

Mat is a comickist, artist, and author who has been writing, illustrating, and self-publishing graphic novels since 2006. Though his comics, art, and other fictions are spread across a range of styles and genres all of his work in some way centers around the themes of spirituality, mysticism, and feminism.

One of these biographies is slightly more accurate than the other.

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